Terms and Condition

Outdoor Education
achieving the desired outcomes of education
through guided direct experience in the
Changi Coast OALC
a coastal based adventure centre focusing on water/sea activities
Dairy Farm OALC
equipped with a full range of adventure facilities such as Challenge Ropes Courses, Abseil Tower and General Stations
Jalan Bahtera OALC
equipped with a range of adventure facilities like a Challenge Ropes Course, Rockclimbing wall, Abseil and Zipline Tower, and General Stations for team-building
Labrador OALC
equipped with a range of Challenge Ropes Course, Abseiling and Zipline Tower, Rock Climbing Wall and Team-building Stations...
High Challenge Course Requirements at MOE OALCs
From 2020 onwards, schools using the MOE Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre (OALC) will be required to have at least one OBS/ACCT Challenge Course Level 2 Instructor on-site when conducting high challenge course programmes. The Level 2 instructor can either be a teacher or EFI. The change is meant to enhance the safety and well-being of our students when using the high challenge course, especially in situations where students may need to be rescued from the high elements.
Jan 2
The OE courses are now available for registration on TRAISI. Please refer to the link for more information.